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Sizzling Swimwear - Style your swimwear with sizzling accessories, this summer. Hitting the beach in stunning swimwear is the name of the game when you want a fashionable summer. But don't forget to accessorize with beautiful items as these seal your style. Here are tips on how to match your accessories to your swimwear choices.

Look Like a Celebrity Mom - We love heading outdoors during the summer season, taking kids to the parks, a stroll at the local market or family vacationing. What to wear is always in question. Have you ever wondered how celebrity moms such as Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon always seem to be well put together when spotted with their kids?

Bohemian Wedding Inspiration and Style - With all of the trends of the wedding season, one that is well-suited to a lovely ceremony and reception is the bohemian wedding. A bohemian-style wedding invokes the best of country rusticity with down-to-earth elements


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