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Style Redefined

C O A C H I N G +
S H O P  Y O U R C L O S E T +
S H O P P I N G  C R U I S E
S E R V I C E  

I understand the struggle.
So let's begin redefining your personal style the right way!

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Open Wardrobe

Step 1

Have a personal style consultation in person, then shop your closet with the stylist while learning tips on how to maximize your existing wardrobe.

Showing you how to spot enhancing pieces within your
wardrobe as well as dressing your body type.

Average time of 1 -1 .5 hr

Happy Woman

Step 2

Your stylist will start a plan to find the fashions you need and want (may include a list of staples)


To be sure we're both headed in the right direction for your personal style, an online inspiration board is put together for you, as you set a date to go on a shopping cruise with your stylist.
Pre-shopping begins and includes an online search while curating select items that will be shared with you.

All outfits/pieces are physically pre-shopped and held for you prior to your visit. You'll be given the shopping itinerary prior to
shopping day

Young Women with Shopping Bags

Step 3

On shopping day:

You will enjoy a fitting/s with your stylist at retail destinations. See your style come together and decide what you'll take or leave.

Average shopping time of 3-4.5 hours max.


Note: I can shop & style in any price range. I love finding deals and attainable fashions.


Package Rate


Up to $60 will be charged for any travel over 20 miles from Riverview, Fl

20% deposit is required to book.

Please reschedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

This service package quote is subject to change.


Get More Styling

​Add a digital photo album (lookbook) of your outfits for personal use, keep it on your mobile and don't stress over what to wear again $114

Have your outfits curated, styled and organized in your closet $99

Add a closet shop to learn how to maximize your existing wardrobe $87

To maintain that look after your style re-vamp, get a virtual styling
subscription $49 / $79

Upgrade your package now and save 15% from a-la-carte rates!

Book A Consultation With Me!

Begin with a style profile personal or virtual consultation with your stylist Your stylist will Edit/Purge unwanted, unflattering and outdated items.


Any travel over 20 miles from Riverview, Fl will be charged an addtional flat rate of $35 20% of rate booking deposit is required. All payments must be completed in full prior to appointment date unless an exception has been made by VStylist

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