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Open Wardrobe

Begin with a style profile, virtual consultation with your stylist, and your stylist will Edit/Purge unwanted, unflattering and outdated items

  • Sorting what you can consign or donate Your stylist will help you find the right fashions to wear while learning how to maximize your existing wardrobe

  • Whether your need is to start a career, business, or a new chapter in your life. You will be prepared and

  •  Digital photo album (lookbook) of styled outfits for personal use to keep on your mobile and you will never worry about what to wear again looking great!

Rate: $299

Add more personal style options

Have your outfits curated, styled and organized in your closet $99
● Go on a shopping trip with VStylist $349
● To maintain that look after your style revamp, get a virtual styling
subscription see vstylist.com/virtual-styling

Book A Consultation With Me!

Begin with a style profile personal or virtual consultation with your stylist Your stylist will Edit/Purge unwanted, unflattering and outdated items.