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How To Dress Confidently For A Game

Dressing for events is always a significant challenge.

There are so many variables to consider. Firstly, what type of event are you going to? Sometimes, the event dictates the dress code; black tie, nightclubbing and weddings all have different codes. That takes the stress out of it for you; your only concern is to dress to impress, maybe even by following our advice in the article ‘How to Look Like a Celebrity’.

Other events are not so easy, one of which is a poker game. The 2021 World Series of Poker has been on recently in Las Vegas, which means the game is on television and in the news. You might not have heard of Koray Aldemir, but you will do soon – he’s just bagged $8m as a result of winning the main event. Whenever anything like that enters mainstream media, it tends to spark people’s interest, and that could mean you find your way to a casino or poker night shortly. What on earth would you wear? Some casinos might take the choice away from you; the very opulent ones have a dress code, but if you didn’t get that guidance, where would you even start?

Right here, with our guide to dressing confidently at a poker game.

Be Comfortable

Looking good doesn’t always mean feeling good; anyone who has spent the evening in six-inch heels will know what we mean. Sometimes, fashion comes a poor second to comfort, and that’s sadly accepted in some areas. Dressing for a poker game is different; sure, you’ll not be on your feet all night, but you will be concentrating on the cards, watching the game and reading other players. To do all of that, you need to be comfortable. Try to match functionality with fashion; make sure you’re comfortable when sitting down, so your focus is on the game. If you can glam up at the same time and put other people’s focus on you, that’s a huge bonus.

Mask Your Tells

Often, you’ll find poker players earing dark glasses, hoodies and other masking items. These might be comfortable, but they perform another function as well; they hide certain tells. As Real Men Real Style reveals, tells are a key part of poker; can you accessorize your outfit to make it hard to see your eyes, for instance? A hat, or headwear, can cover any small movements you might make, and loose-fitting clothes have the same effect. We’re not talking about going in shapeless jumpers, but wearing clothes that hang, rather than cling, might give you a slight advantage.

Be Bold

Finally, if you have drab colors, your opponents will not focus on your clothes; they’re going to look at you. Poker is a game of skill and chance but also of misdirection. You are trying to hide your true cards from other players, and therefore diverting attention is a great idea. Be bold with your colors and stand out; draw attention to yourself but in the right way. If they’re looking at your outfit, not your eyes and small movements, then they’re missing the little tells which might give you away. It’s almost as if you’re hiding in plain sight, behind a smokescreen of loud fashion and bold colors.

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