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How to Look Like a Celebrity

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

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Let's face it! We need a picker upper these days and getting dressed up is exactly what your stylist ordered. Let's keep hopes of going back out to enjoy living in Florida. So here I am to help you feel better with style tips on how to look like a celebrity while you're picking out your new summer fashions. FYI this blog will be 1 of 2 blogs on summer styling.

Music artist Lizzo, has made a mark with her 'girl power' songs and her bold flare for style with neon colors and stated details.

Taking a cue from LIZZO : You can achieve those vibrant feels by incorporating some or all of the bright hues and stated details into your look as shown below. Velvet hot pink top, puffed sheer sleeves, skinny jeans, completed with snake print accessories as accents. Styled by yours truly, in Curvy Sense from head to toe. Curvy Sense offers clothes, while taking plus size measurements into consideration and making them stylish. Also manufactured here in the US.

Speaking of snake prints, animal prints of all sorts must be in your closet. Who does not love, the all american star JESSICA SIMPSON? She knows how to pull off just about anything, especially the latest trends, as seen.

Not ready to go full force? That's ok! Just 1 part of your outfit is a great way to wear snake print as well as others like leopard, cheetah or zebra. The styled outfit below consists of a peasant white top with ruffled snake shorts, plus clear strap sandals for a nude finish.

The outfit was provided by a fabulous local boutique Shoptoska. This fashion forward boutique is located off Westshore Blvd in Tampa, Florida where you'll be swept away by their beautiful clothes, shoes, and chic home accessories.

When it comes to fashionable style for moms, I've always admired JESSICA ALBA. Her looks are always effortless, elegant, yet comfortable for those of us who stay pretty busy. I took a hint from her utilitarian jumpsuit, which happens to be a popular trend by using the cargo wrapped midi skirt instead, topped with a frilly cropped blouse all thanks to JUST FAB. Then added a mini pleat crossbody bag by Joseph & Stacey to give the outfit a vintage edge.

Now that you've seen a few simple ideas on doing celebrity look a likes, shop the images above to see that you don't have to spend a million to look like a million. Keep in mind; Put your own personality and passion into how you dress and represent what is true to you as well as what makes you feel good! It's the only way this will help lift your spirits.

Models styled by VStylist, Tamy Lugo

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