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Why Style Matters?

What makes someone who they are? According to a psychology, there is a science to making a first impression. Your first impression is your last impression. 

Build the Look of Confidence

Every day, every one of us sets the state for our sentiment, our confidence, and our success by getting dressed. When you feel great, when you feel your best, it opens up a world of possibility. Feeling confident and self-assured are important inputs into good days, successful days, and happy days.

What's New With Tamy!

Ways to Show Extreme Confidence

What you think about yourself becomes your reality. See yourself in an attractive and desirable way, let’s build your confidence using your great personal style. Are you ready to start this transformation?


Psychology of First Impression

"Let's face it! We need a picker upper these days and getting dressed up is exactly what your stylist ordered. Let's keep hopes of going back out to enjoy living in Florida. So here I am to help you feel better with style tips on how to look like a celebrity"


Out and About

Social networking really enhances your interpersonal skills, communication and sharing of information. It's critical to your personal growth and business development.


Enjoy A little Break

It's necessary to reflect on the aspects of your work and life that could be different in order to better align with your priorities. 


Personal Stylist Gift Certificate

Personal Wardrobe styling services + Commercial Fashion styling services, Consultations, and more "Style According To You

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