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It's that time when you could really use a little overhaul while giving your closet a clean- up. Most importantly for yourself, a personal treatment to your style.

So It Begins With:

A style profile & consultation. Your stylist heads over to your closet and sorts it all out by selecting what you can consign or donate. This is followed by shopping in your own closet, while teaching you how to dress your body type to look your best. Completed with ways to maximize the existing wardrobe.

Average time: 2.5 hr

JRP_1389 - Edited.jpg


Set your shopping cruise date. Then a shopping list for your wants and staple pieces to complete your wardrobe is put together.

Your stylist begins the search for fashions by exploring locally and online, giving you options to place those orders, including an incentive to our own VStyle Shop.

Be aware, all outfits / apparel will be pre-shopped by the stylist 1 day prior to your
arrival at the stores.

Both a fun and pampering learning experience will take place. You'll enjoy fittings with your stylist as you see your desired personal style come together. Finally, decide what you'll take or leave.

Average shopping day time:
3 - 4 hrs max

Open Wardrobe

Be prepared to let go and let change happen.
VStylist can shop & style at any price range and loves finding deals

for wearable, good quality fashions. Every service on this journey

is an inspirational yet educational experience you
will take away.


Up to $60 fee will be charged for travel over 20 miles from Riverview, Fl.


Booking requires a 20% deposit payable via check, cash, paypal, square.


Please reschedule appointments at least more than 24 hrs in advance.
This service package quote is subject to change.

Add more personal treatment

Add a photo album (lookbook) of curated/styled outfits, keep it

in your mobile and you will not have to stress over what to

wear again - $114

Organize your wardrobe as well as your closet to make it

work for you daily - $289

To maintain that look after your style revamp, get a virtual styling subscription $49 or $79

Book A Consultation With Me!

Begin with a style profile personal or virtual consultation with your stylist Your stylist will Edit/Purge unwanted, unflattering and outdated items.

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