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About Tamy

My Story

My love for fashion sparked at the age of 11. Growing up as I found myself, I saught and prayed for the gift to make a difference in the lives of others.  During my late teen years, I began to see a need for encouragement, raising self-confidence and helping people rid themselves of a negative self-image, when I discovered that fashion and styling would be a platform and the tools to use. I finally decided to pursue wardrobe fashion styling in 2008.

Wanting to share from experience, it's never too late to find your true self and your true beauty, regardless of size or shape. This is why I developed VStylist.



Fashion Stylist Approach

I believe fashion should portray who you are in a creative yet balanced form. Wearing every trend that you see in the media or on celebrities is not always the right choice.  A fashion trend is only a suggestion that may quickly fade, therefore you should be callous when making over your wardrobe and always maintain key, classic pieces that can be paired with existing garments.

I am very aware that life can take you through different journeys. From the college student, busy mom/housewife, to the career minded individual, everyone of every shape, and any age has the right to look stylish. It's my job to bring out the best parts of you while guiding you on your way to discovering your style. I strive to give you a lasting and pampering experience by educating you in the best ways to dress for your lifestyle, public appearances, branding your professional image while helping you find your beauty Shiloh.     




What VStylist Does For You

Count on VStylist for:

  • Your wardrobe makeover
  • Teaching you how to get the best use out of your apparel
  • Assisting you with your next shopping trip
  • Doing the shopping for you

You can rely on me to create and execute your vision for fashion:

  • Photo shoots
  • Fashion shows
  • Magazine editorials
  • Commercials
  • Designer trunk show event planning
  • Fashion retail branding and marketing 


Have you ever bought clothing at a whim and then did not know how to create a fashionable outfit that you can actually wear? Maybe, you stand in front of your closet struggling to find looks that you didn't wear yesterday.  Find the solution by visiting our services page.


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